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Top Facility Management - Professional HouseKeeping, Facility Management Services



a. Professional Housekeeping Services: This type of services covers the routine branded services for cleaning establishments using skilled manpower, cleaning materials and latest machines and equipments.

b. Property and facility management services: This type covers the provision, management and liaison (as applicable) of all or any of the following services:

  • Professional housekeeping services
  • Unskilled, Semi-Skilled and Skilled manpower
  • Pest control services
  • Horticulture and landscape services
  • Building and machines annual maintenance contract services.

  • c. One Time Specialized Housekeeping Services: This type of services covers the following maintenance / restoration services:

  • Post construction cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning.
  • Carpet dry foam shampooing
  • Granite restoration and polishing
  • Scrubbing of industrial soft floors/scarifying.
  • Spotting of floors and carpets
  • Sealing of Porous Floors
  • High pressure cleaning of outside areas
  • Cleaning of glass walls / curtains / facade of high-rise buildings.
  • Any kind of Wooden, Plumbing or Electrical Work.
  • d. Outsourcing & Support Staff services: -- The type covers a range of experienced and trained support staff, e.g.

  • Courier boys, Administration assistants, Peons, etc.
  • Secretaries, Receptionists, etc.
  • Drivers
  • Data entry operators
  • Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, etc.
  • AC Mechanic / DG Set Operator etc.
  • e. Professional Housekeeping consultancy services: This type covers the following:

  • Seminars, lectures and conferences
  • Training programmed and workshops.
  • Off the shelf and customized reports on housekeeping systems and procedures.

    Monitoring of services Services are monitored through an established and effective management information system consisting of the following reports:

  • Weekly checklist for housekeeping
  • Customised checklists for each section of premise.
  • Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs)
  • Toilet checklist
  • Housekeeping requirements/complaints report.
  • Housekeeping services complaint register
  • Site inspection report
  • Stock verification report
  • Weekly quality control report
  • Mechanisation

    Housekeeping services are usually provided, as necessary, with the aid of the following machines

  • Wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners.
  • Suction and mechanical sweepers
  • Single disc scrubbing machines
  • Single disc high speed buffing/burnishing machines
  • Injection extraction machines
  • Telescopic window cleaning machines
  • Glass cleaning machines
  • High pressure water jet cleaner
  • Chemicals

    Chemicals are carefully selected after scrutinizing their safety data sheet for maximum cleaning value and characteristics such as:

  • Neutrality
  • Bio-degradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Environment friendly
  • Non-ammonia based
  • Cost Of Services

    For Routine Housekeeping Services, we provide three categories of manpower besides the office staff, supervisor and senior officials. They are

  • Unskilled: Houseboy.
  • Semi Skilled: Pantry boy, Office Boy, Courier boy etc.
  • Skilled: Drivers, Electricians and Plumbers etc.
  • Besides all other associates, these people are also on our payroll and are paid according to the minimum wages specified by the various state governments respectively. Besides the minimum wages, we also fulfill all statutory liabilities like PF, ESI, Bonus, Leave encashment. For One Time Specialized Housekeeping Services, we have our per square feet rates. Similarly for our other services, our charges depend upon what kind of service is being asked for. Here, we help you in knowing your needs, proposing a tailor made comprehensive package at the most competitive prices. We restore complete transparency in our system as we consider this as very essential for long-term relationship.


  • Team work
  • Value for Money
  • Accountability
  • Commitment towards Quality
  • Passion for Perfection

    The advantages of using professional housekeeping and facility management services are:

  • Single window interaction.
  • We take all responsibilities of support services that help you concentrate on your core functions.
  • Focused approach on service area through an outside agency always helps critical evaluation of problems.
  • Overhead responsibilities of manpower get shifted to third party.
  • Hoping to serve you and assuring you of our best services.